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A Spew With a View

Greetings again, B&E readers. I’m currently sorting through more than 1,200 photos, figuring out what’s worth sharing on this here little site of mine. The morning we left Venice, I ate something that wasn’t good. It was something of the dairy variety, probably yogurt (since that was the only thing I ate that the missus [...]

They Confiscated My Salami

I am in general a rule follower. But I think there’s one I will no longer pay attention to. Because it is stupid. Let’s say, theoretically, you visit Italy. While in Italy, you spend a week at a lovely agritourismo, where you get a tour of a farm, meet the farmers, see how the animals [...]

Salt & Fat Will Give Me Gout & Death

Sunnyside has a new delicious restaurant option. Salt & Fat opened yesterday, and for what was certainly the first time in my life, I went (with the missus, of course) to an official opening night at a new restaurant. But just to back up a moment… I’ve spent years (or at least two posts here [...]

What’s $18 Million, Anyway?

It doesn’t happen often, but once in a great while, I order something crappy at a restaurant. If it’s exactly as advertised but crappy (i.e. I just plain ordered the wrong meal), I’ll suffer through it just to fill up. After all, I paid for it. Might as well get my money’s worth. That’s the [...]

Call It “Bouncing Back”

Last weekend, the missus and I and a few friends took a trip out to Flushing. Some of you may remember our last trip to Flushing, which gave us a deliciously and authentically Chinese food experience. This time, we weren’t going for Chinese. It was Indian. A little place called Southern Spice. We questioned our [...]

My Thanksgiving Vacation – Refugees

We really had an ambitious travel schedule planned out for the trip. In addition to the wedding, we were stopping in on the missus’ father in the Highlands twice “en route.” The second visit, ostensibly on our way back home, the missus planned a 70th birthday celebration performance afternoon. She played some Bach on her [...]

My Thanksgiving Vacation – Holy Crap, Bellachroy!

Some of you may remember the infamous Taste of Mull Platter for Two that the missus and I shared last year. Here it is, for reference (and please note how it hangs off the table slightly): Because the wedding was taking place on the Isle of Mull, we wanted to take the bride and groom [...]

What’s a Fan To Do?

I’ve taken in the past couple of days of Mets games. Yesterday, I was watching live, as the Mets were officially (i.e. mathematically) eliminated from playoff contention, as if any of us really needed math to tell us their season was over. Today, it’s on the TV in the background as I fold laundry, drink [...]

My Summer Vacation – Food Porn

Long-time readers will know how much I love documenting food. So yes, we did eat. In fact, we ate the shit out of this vacation. Our somewhat limited budget kept us from enjoying some of the higher-end food options in these Pacific Northwest locations. So we didn’t go out for too many fancy meals by [...]

Oh-So Clean and Delicious

Sunnyside is home to my favoritest greasy spoon in the world, the New Post. When I moved to Sunnyside back in 2000, it was the first place I frequented. Cheap eggs, French toast, pancakes, sausage (American and Irish), bacon (American and Irish), and cheese (American and the rest) were the draw, and it was an [...]