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Snakeheads — Now for Dinner!

I know I’m not as active on the B&E site as I used to be, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking out for you, my five faithful readers. Especially where the snakehead is concerned… But after years of fearing snakeheads — the walking, biting, air-breathing, blood-thirsty “fish” — I finally have some promising news [...]

Weapons Grade Chicken

Yeah, I totally at a lot over Thanksgiving. What of it? The missus and I spent the holiday in Nashville, Tennessee. We’re both good eaters. So in addition to the traditional turkey dinner on Thanksgiving itself, we went on the hunt for some good regional cuisine. Because we’re Yankees, we didn’t even really know what [...]

It Might Be Called Nesting

I’m tired of apologizing to you people! All five of you! I know, I know, I’m not writing much recently. This latest break was more than two weeks, which is frankly difficult even to get my own head around. So what have I been doing? Honestly, not much of anything that I usually consider productive. [...]

Scottish Health and Food

While at the Scottish Museum in Edinburgh, I was rather surprised to see a sign like this one in what is otherwise a rather say-it-loud-I’m-Scots-and-I’m-proud museum: And frankly, I find that very difficult to believe. I mean, just because I ate an Orkney steak, topped with local haggis and puff pastry lattice, and doused in [...]

Non Basta Pasta!

Yes, I give in to peer pressure. If you comment and demand more B&E in your life, I will succumb to your whim. So did I mention that we made pasta? You may have gathered as much based on the olive oil post, assuming you read it. It was fun. And it was part of [...]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil on Everything

Boy, the Italians sure do love their olive oil. Especially their extra virgin olive oil. The agritourismo where we stayed was home to one of Tuscany’s oldest olive groves. In the 80s, a massive frost killed off many of Italy’s olive groves. Not this one: To continue to produce fruit, olive trees need pruning every [...]

Some Florentine Goodness

As most readers may know, I stay away from the sweets in my everyday life. All that really means is that I really binge when I’m on holiday. And Italy is a perfectly reasonable place to binge. We discovered Grom (the gelaterie) in Florence, which really is terrific stuff. And even the totally generic gelato [...]

Tripe Is About as Good as You’d Guess

The Florentines love their tripe. It’s their go-to sandwich. Just boil that cow stomach, chop it into bits, drop it on a roll, and top with salsa verde. It didn’t look so bad. It didn’t smell so bad. So I took a bite. It didn’t actually taste so bad either. But it sorta squeaked against [...]

We Sort of Failed Siena

I accept responsibility that our experience in Siena wasn’t overwhelmingly positive. I love the idea of Siena very much. It has non-religious frescoes. Giant towers that weren’t built by the Catholic Church. I had been very much looking forward to it. It just got off to a bad start. We thought it was a good [...]

It’s All About Presentation

As I mentioned, in Venice, I got food poisoning. Believe it or not, this wasn’t the cause: What didn’t make me barf (pictured above) is squid and squid ink with polenta. I’ve had squid ink pasta before, and although I wasn’t expecting that, I also wasn’t exactly expecting a plate sopping with a jet black [...]