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Apparently, Florida overturned a gay adoption ban today. So come on, Floridian B&E readers! Get out there and adopt your gay! Do I have any readers from Florida? Somehow I doubt it. But speaking of gay, a quick shill! I know one of the producers of this little ditty, which is being released this weekend [...]


So I’m not really sure what to say about The Big Day tomorrow, a.k.a. Barack Obama’s Inauguration, a.k.a. Goodbye Dubya, a.k.a. History. Perhaps you’re asking, Why the hell are you writing about it? The only answer I can think of is that I have to. It’s been eight years of unmitigated disaster, the last three-plus [...]

What’s the Matter With Florida?

I gotta tell ya, folks, there’s something strange about Florida. It’s already suspect because of the 2000 election, those weird expansion baseball teams that make it to the playoffs, and the curious retirement communities. Plus, you know… it’s my birth state. But in Florida’s 16th Congressional District, well, frankly, I’m beginning to think the water [...]