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Not at All Bald, but Very Effective

This particular business card presentation came up at the job yesterday, after a couple of us got back from a quick tour at a local printer. I love this guy… [youtube=]

What’s Wrong with Sweden?

My online silence the past few days has been due to having guests in town, some lovely Swedes. About seven years ago, the couple adopted a child, and in Sweden, the new parent of one’s choosing gets thirteen months off at 80% of their salary to care for the child. The thirteen months can be [...]

One Hundred. You Heard Me: One Hundred.

So at my job back in August, one colleague said something about her boyfriend doing the hundred push-ups challenge. Six weeks to a hundred push-ups. We appreciate quick opportunities to blow off steam at my job, and it’s a genial atmosphere full of hard work and laughter. It’s a pretty good job. So most of [...]

The Obvious Solution

We really have been hearing a lot in the past week or so about Obama’s graying hair. He appears to be going grayer rather quickly. Well, Michael Tomasky at the UK’s Guardian newspaper presents three potential outcomes for Obama and offers an effective recommendation. And I must say that I agree wholeheartedly. (Watch to the [...]

Anti-Dickhead of This Moment – Tim DeChristopher

I haven’t given out an Anti-Dickhead award for quite some time, as the Dickhead/Anti-Dickhead feature has gone mostly the way of the archives here at B&E.; But I still like to keep my ears and eyes open for total Dickhead moves (with Blagojevich and Madoff getting recent shout-outs), with the occasional Anti-Dickhead move thrown in [...]

A Case I Wish I’d Sat On

It was probably more than ten years ago that I served jury duty in Manhattan’s criminal courts. The case featured an alleged drug dealer and quantities of cocaine we weren’t able to hear about yet. I got as far as sitting in the jury box, answering the list of questions for the prosecution and defense [...]

The Angry Side of Funny

My early friends (and family) didn’t have much of an edge, so my comedy upbringing was fairly limited. Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor didn’t get much play among my people. We got a little Bill Cosby from time to time and a touch of Robert Klein. And somehow George Carlin sneaked in there. He had [...]

New Yorkers Are Fat

A couple of weeks ago, a court upheld a law that required chain restaurants to display their calorie counts in New York City stores. Apparently, half of New Yorkers are fat. So now when we go to McDonald’s we can order the low-calorie item, whatever it may be. I don’t know… Diet Coke? Obviously, most [...]

Yeah, It’s a Problem

We’ve got this terrific coffeeshop (a.k.a. greasy spoon, diner, etc.) here in Sunnyside called the New Post. There was a murder inside a couple years ago, but other than that minor hiccup, the New Post has reliably (and safely) served me omelets, French toast, tuna melts, and fries for the past eight years. These coffeeshops, [...]

I’m Surprised by Some of Obama’s Posters

Barack Obama should perhaps begin exploring a broader range of visuals, but I don’t mind telling you that I’m rather tickled his messaging is so B&E; focused. And yet each poster speaks to the qualities that makes a good president. This one, for example, keeps it simple, but I appreciate the respect. See? He’s not [...]