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Every so often, I come upon something that’s just jaw-droppingly good. Sometimes these discoveries make me feel like an asshole. In my late-twenties, I moved to Queens. Although the missus doesn’t believe me (mostly because she saw the state of it when we were first together), I would occasionally clean my apartment. To get the [...]

Bernie is Bald & Effective

Well, effective-ish, anyway. I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout-out to Bernie Sanders, Independent Senator of Vermont, who did an old-school filibuster on the floor of the Senate yesterday, speaking for 8.5 hours, from about 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. I caught a little more than an hour of it (in the background [...]

Holy Shit, Can Those Cats Play

The missus and I have been privy to a couple of really nice music shows in the past week. Obviously, I rather enjoyed the Carolina Chocolate Drops, as evidenced by the post immediately previous. Over the holiday weekend, we hung out with a couple we don’t know all that well at a mutual friend’s house [...]

More Carolina Chocolate Drops, Please

The Carolina Chocolate Drops totally kick ass. Don’t pass up an opportunity to see them live. The missus and I spent the holiday weekend in the lovely Berkshires in Massachusetts, and on the Saturday evening, we went to Mass MoCA (that’s “Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art”) for an evening of music. The opening act, The [...]

Is Twitter Winning Me Over?

Social media isn’t going away. I had to join Facebook for work, and because of what we do around the office, I’ve been aware of Twitter for a few years, even if I don’t actually participate. Technically I do, I suppose, in that I have an account, etc., but I haven’t tweeted once. The thing [...]

Boy, That’s Some Clever Spam

Since migrating my site from Blogger to WordPress, I’ve noticed something curious, with regard to comments. As most of my six regular readers will remember, I would occasionally get anonymous comments on the Blogger B&E. Sometimes I’d reprint them and respond. I was always fond of the white people with dreadlocks who thought I was [...]

Out Crazying The Crazy

A while back, I’d wanted to draw my six readers’ attention to a creative counter protest in San Francisco in response to perennial protester Fred Phelps. But then time went by, and you know how these things work. But hey now! It’s relevant again! So here I go! For those who may not remember Fred [...]

Won’t You Take Me To… SEPIATOWN??

Those of my six readers who also click on the links to the right (so, then, none of you) may be wondering why Virgil’s been so quiet these past couple of years. It turns out there’s a simple explanation for why he’s been denying so many of us bite-sized nibbles of his that nubile mind [...]

The Crowds Should Fall Into Disrepair

The missus and I finally got to the High Line this weekend. For those of you who don’t know, the High Line is an elevated rail track that runs from the meatpacking district in the West Village to about 34th Street in West Midtown. The history is pretty interesting, and you should read about it [...]

Forty Years

It was 40 years ago that people first walked on the moon. Yes, I remember it well… My mother was pregnant with my older sister, and it was a world of infinite possibility.