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Dude. Watch Your Choice of Words.

Tiger Woods is back and he gave a press conference and blah blah blah blah. I have to admit that one little soundbite caught my attention. Referring to the support he’s gotten from his fellow golfers at the Master’s, he said, “The encouragement I got, it blew me away.” Even more so than the oral [...]

Tiger’s Leaked Statement!

Well, B&E; readers, if you’re anything like me, you’re pretty excited for Tiger Woods’ first public statement later today. Have I got a treat for you! It’s a leaked version of his statement! Who leaked it? I leaked it! How did I get my hands on it? It was never in my hands! It went [...]

Don’t Fuck With Robin Hood, Sheriff of Bankerham

Yesterday, a friend in the UK posted a link to her Facebook page for a project she’s involved with: The Robin Hood Tax. Go check it out. There’s a nice little video featuring Bill Nighy as a douchey banker trying to explain why this tax is a bad idea. (It’s not a bad idea, by [...]

Dude, You’re Totally Hot

Hello, hello, B&E; readers! It’s that time of year again! That’s right! It’s the US Open Tennis in Flushing Meadows Corona Park! And we all know what that means! Regular 7 train passengers can smell the fear emanating off the rich preppies who decided to slum it with the locals! Alas, there are still the [...]

Our Stupid Senate

I kinda want to just ignore these stupid New York Senators, but they’re behaving so stupidly that I need to call them stupid. Governor Paterson is making them come into the stupid chamber by calling special (and stupid) sessions, which require their stupid presence. Yesterday, the stupid Democratic Senators sneaked through a back door and [...]

Things Are Different in Europe, But…

People are complex and multidimensional. Relationships between complex, multidimensional individuals can be messy. And there are certain cultural mores in Europe that seem surprising to our Puritanical American sensibility (some of you may remember Francois Mitterand’s wife and mistress mourning together over his grave in France). Still, even with all of these things in mind, [...]

Live Blog – The Bachelor – After the Rose Ceremony!

I finished up this week’s episode of 24 and turned over to The Bachelor. In my defense, the missus was coming home and asked me to. In the finale, Jason chose Melissa, and then came out for the post-finale and told the host that he wanted to dump her and get reacquainted with the woman [...]

I Feel Terrible For You. Terrible.

The venerable New York Times has a story today that’s got my boxer-briefs in a twist. It’s about how bonus cuts hurt those beyond Wall Street. I was naively expecting to read a little something about how, perhaps, nonprofit organizations, particularly in places like New York City, will see their individual giving reduced by enormous [...]

Mezzanine Reserved Row D Is Ideal for Rain Delays

Hey, Mets fans (a.k.a. B&E; readers)! The Boys of Shea Stadium are playing like a real team again. They’ve even won five in a row. I hesitate to say it was firing Willie that got the Mets going, but maybe Jerry Manuel scares the players into doing better. Last night was another victory, one that [...]