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Good Grief, Harry

I think I picked up this link from Huffington Post, but this little tidbit from yesterday really pushed my buttons (and not in a good way). With Al Franken’s seating in the Senate, the Democratic Party has 60 seats, that magical “filibuster-proof” majority. During last year’s election, this is what the Democratic Party was fundraising [...]

Give Me Choice, or… God Knows I’ll Live With It

When Hillary Clinton was named Secretary of State, we had an open Senate seat here in New York. The people of New York had been feeling pretty good about our new-ish Governor Paterson up until this point, but many of us were turned off by how he handled naming her successor. We ended up with [...]

Feeling Done With That

I get that most reasonable people in the United States see Rush Limbaugh as, at best, divisive and, at worst, a flabby prick. (Actually, it can get worse than “flabby prick,” and my own opinion lies somewhere between “Satan’s excrement” and “walking abortion.”) So I understand all of the Democratic Party nonsense about referring to [...]

Howard Dean Goes Out on a High Note

And no, I’m not talking about another screaming high note… I was an early Dean supporter back in 2003 when, like so many Democratic primary voters, I was looking for a candidate who wasn’t completely feckless, i.e. didn’t support the Iraq War. It was fun getting excited about a candidate early in the process. The [...]

Democratic Convention Watch 2008 – Barack Obama

Abrupt end to Durbin’s speech. Odd. Tribute film! Barack’s mom was sorta hot. Woo! Kansas! Grandparents from Kansas! Well done, Kansas. We’re getting more about Barack’s mom. She was, of course, the perfect mother. More jokes about the name, because really… It’s Barack Obama. And the love of Michelle. The missus is moved by the [...]

Democratic Convention Watch 2008 – Pre-Obama

A lovely dinner with friends kept me from the Convention earlier (and look! It’s Monica Early on TV now!). I missed Gore. So I’m going to review his speech without having heard it… Gore rocked the house! No one’s better in pointing out the differences between the two parties. The differences matter. Indeed, if Gore [...]

Democratic Convention Watch 2008 – Joe Biden

Biopic of Biden. Praise, praise, praise. Family man, politically experienced, and the rest. He’s being introduced by his son Beau, who’s the AG of Delaware and is about to head off to Iraq with the Delaware National Guard. Good intro. He’s making the whole place cry with the story of his mother and sister’s death [...]

Democratic Convention Watch 2008 – Pre-Biden

We’re waiting for Joe Biden now, so I won’t say much about the run-ups. Chet Edwards is first. He smiles at the end of every sentence. Unfortunate choice. The Mets have taken the lead over the Phillies! It’s 6-3 now in the 8th inning! There were some military features and interviews that were quite nice [...]

Democratic Convention Watch 2008 – John Kerry

Mr. Personality is speaking now. I’m already tired. Jesus, if this guy were president now, John McCain would be running away with this election. I’m looking at his face and hearing, “Blah blah blah…” Nice head of hair, though. And I know a nice head of hair when I see one. OK, his passion on [...]

Democratic Convention Watch 2008 – Bill Clinton

In a desperate attempt to put a dent in the giant pile of dishes in our kitchen sink, I nearly missed Bill Clinton. But there’s just been a shitload of cheering so far, so I don’t think he’s started yet. He’s saying, “Sit down,” but he is loving every second of it. Oh, now he’s [...]