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The Undecideds

This idea that there are people that fall somewhere between Romney and Obama who haven’t decided who they’re voting for I think is a myth. There are about as many of them as there are readers of B&E these days. It’s far more likely that this high number of “undecideds” in various polls are actually [...]

The Problem as I See It

Sure, I’m a bit disappointed about the results of the election. But I’m also so underwhelmed by the Democratic Party, I’m neither surprised nor depressed about them. The biggest disappointment for me personally, of course, is the defeat of long-time B&E favorite Russell “Oh, So” Feingold, Senator of Wisconsin. A few weeks ago, the Nation [...]

Casting: Three Feckless Weenies

This is totally one of those stories that the Democrats will try to exploit but that most people probably won’t even notice and/or care about. Still, it’s kind of funny. And for the political junkies, I suppose it’s been the story of the day. In short, for an ad in the West Virginia campaign for [...]

Practical Progressivism?

I’ve long given up on the Democratic Party as an institution. The basic principles of the party may hover somewhere near my political beliefs (certainly more than the Republican party principles), but when I think generally about the Democrats, I can’t help seeing the ties to Wall Street and other corporate money, not to mention [...]

I Heard a Rumor About Health Care Reform

Apparently, Congress passed health care reform last night. Republicans announce the end of freedom and liberty, and Democrats celebrate their self-importance and ability to nearly blow it completely. Okay, so maybe I’m cynical. Yes, this reform is better than nothing, I suppose. Probably. I can talk myself out of that better-than-nothing argument for a while, [...]

Then There’s the Real Reason

Harold Ford isn’t running for the U.S. Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand. He explains why in an op-ed piece in the New York Times, which has already given him a lot of press in recent weeks. I’ve said before that I’ve got little opinion about our appointed Senator Gillibrand. She’s moved to the left since being [...]

This Is the State of the Union, Bitches

No, I didn’t watch the State of the Union address this week. Sure, I would’ve liked it more than the SOTU addresses of the past decade, but I just couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm. Like anyone who follows politics, I’ve heard a thing or two about the speech – some positive, some negative. I can [...]

Sure, I Have Thoughts

Since you were wondering, and as long as everyone else is talking about it, I’ll share a few thoughts about yesterday’s vote in Massachusetts. I know why the Democratic candidate, Martha Coakley, lost to Republican Scott Brown. The Democrats are feckless weenies. I don’t care who you blame for the loss: Coakley, the Massachusetts Democratic [...]

Feckless Weenies and Tango!

A bunch of things cropped up this week that I let go without comment due to busy-ness. I shall touch on a few of them now, ever so briefly. I’m sure it’ll surprise the small number of readers I have that I’m a fan of Medicare For All or a single-payer health system or whatever [...]

I’m Paying a Lot for Health Insurance, but I’m Not Buying Your Shit

Perhaps you’ve heard that there’s a debate about health care reform going on. I mean, technically, it’s not really a debate. There’s a proposal on the table, and a well-funded, very loud opposition is saying no. Earlier this week, I got an email from President Bill Clinton (which gosh, I guess he wrote in his [...]