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A Stay With Two Hours To Go

The Troy Davis case down in Georgia is getting some national and international attention, but not nearly enough. In short, Troy Davis (an African American) was convicted of killing a (white) police officer in 1991 and sentenced to death. Since the trial, seven of the nine non-police witnesses have recanted their testimony, some claiming that [...]

Liddy Hates Jesse

North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole made an attempt to honor the late Senator Jesse Helms by adding his name to an HIV/AIDS bill. Those of us paying attention in the 80s and 90s might remember Jesse Helms as the man who fought tooth and nail against any bill that provided any sort of funding for [...]

I’m Just So Sad All the Time

I don’t know how much more I can take. The sadness is all-encompassing. The sorrow unrelenting. How much longer must I mourn Gerald Ford?

Niekro’s Knucklers

kniekro Originally uploaded by dangunderman. Once the Mets lost in the National League Championship Series to the Cardinals, I tried to claim that baseball was dead to me. Apparently, Joe Niekro took me literally. Having spent my fan-influenced years in the Houston area, I spent much of my life rooting for the Astros. It was [...]

Rest In Party!

My Uncle Walt was always the life of the party. For my time in Columbus, Ohio, however, he’s in the role of death of the party. Walt pretty much ruled. He taught my sister how to make a martini when she was five, so that he didn’t have to get up to refill his glass. [...]

A Death Worth Noting

cook Originally uploaded by dangunderman. Over the weekend, Robin Cook died while walking (that’s “hiking” to us in the U.S.) in Scotland. A long-time Labour Party leader, he resigned from the government in 2003 to protest British involvement in the Iraq War. The Guardian’s obituary summarizes his career nicely, and his resignation speech demonstrates the [...]