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Bob Feller Cracked Me Up

So when someone famous dies, you’re supposed to tell the story of your one personal experience with him. You are, right? Well, legendary pitcher Bob Feller died at the age of 92, and I sort of met him once. When I was about 11 and in the middle of my baseball card collection craze, I [...]

So, Uh, Bears?

Dude. Bears are eating corpses from cemeteries. If that doesn’t freak you out, it should. Those are fucking bears! And they’re digging into the frozen ground, opening coffins, and eating the semi-preserved bodies. They’re doing this shit without opposable thumbs, and that, my friends, is fucked up. I mean, come on: “In Karelia one bear [...]

Kansas Is Wacky

The Kansas Legislature is debating a possible death penalty repeal. In recent years, Kansas has not been famous for its progressiveness, even though it’s the historical birthplace of Progressivism. My family moved to Kansas when I was nine years old. At the time, the Kansas governor was John Carlin, a Democrat (and Lutheran! my dad [...]

The Controversy of Compassion

A very interesting and controversial thing happened in Scotland last week. Kenny MacAskill, Scotland’s Justice Minister, released, on grounds of compassion, the convicted bomber of the PanAm flight that blew up over Lockerbie in 1988, killing 270 people. The convicted bomber, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, has prostrate cancer and, according to British doctors, has about three [...]

The Head of Mercenaries a Murderer? No!

Remember Blackwater (a.k.a. Xe)? Oh, man. Man, oh man, oh Manischewitz. Investigative reporter and Blackwater/Xe expert Jeremy Scahill is now reporting in The Nation that Erik Prince may have murdered or facilitated the murder of cooperative witnesses in government investigations of the company. This is one of those explosive stories that’s likely to get lost [...]

Of Death and Mets

Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson died this week. (As if you hadn’t heard.) Those are three major icons, and I suppose I have thoughts about all three. My strongest feelings are certainly around Michael Jackson, but the coverage has been so overwhelming, I’m not going to bother to enter the fray. But yes, [...]

A Couple of Approaches

The death penalty, or the abolishing thereof, has once again (twice again?) been in the news this week. First, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, whose office is being investigated by the FBI to such a degree that he withdrew his nomination for commerce secretary, abolished the death penalty in his state. He called it the [...]

Good Night, Horton

A fond farewell goes to Horton Foote, who died yesterday at 92. Playwright and screenwriter, the man expressed with a simple elegance. He won two well-deserved screenwriting Oscars. The first was for his adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird. And as great as that film turned out, it’s the spare yet powerful emotion built into [...]

I Am Not a Number! I Am a FREE MAN!

I never read comic books, never did any gaming, and was never obsessed with the books of J.R.R. Tolkien. So when I need to remind myself that I am deep down a total geek, I reach toward the complete collection of The Prisoner on DVD, which yes, I own. Oh, it’s geeky. And it’s tasty. [...]

Grr… Health Care Industry… Grr…

I’m a fortunate American with health insurance. One of the benefits of my job is that my employer kicks in to the kitty for a health plan for the lot of us. I’m very pleased with my doctor and have no complaints about my care. It’s also expensive. Even with the employer contribution, the missus [...]