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Oh, My Aching Back

I’ve largely stayed clear of commenting on the current health care debate for a couple of reasons: 1) The bill changes too rapidly to keep up, and I would go crazy tracking the details; 2) I’m a believer in a single-payer system, which has never been taken seriously as a solution by our corporate-owned political [...]

It Takes a Village of Bad PR

Perhaps you’ve heard about this fella Dave Carroll. Dave had a guitar destroyed by United Airlines once, and when they refused to reimburse him (on multiple occasions) for the instrument he relies on for his livelihood, he used his livelihood to fight back. He wrote a little ditty called “United Breaks Guitars” and posted the [...]

Required Posting

In the last couple of days I was really hoping to write a little bit about Xe, the mercenary army formerly known as Blackwater. That’s pronounced “zee.” They retooled their website, and amazingly enough, the “history” section says nothing about the founder or the former name. Yea, rebranding! But Xe’s already getting its own bad [...]

Beating a Dead Bank

Last night, the Mets christened the Jackie Robinson Rotunda at their new ballpark. Jackie’s widow said a few words, and his daughter threw out the first pitch. The players all wore the number 42 (that’s Jackie’s league-retired number), and Jose Reyes scored from first base on a wild pitch just to show off his Jackie [...]

Broke States

California is about to layoff 20,000 state employees, facing a $4 billion shortfall. Kansas is delaying mailing tax refund checks and may not be able to make payroll this week. My Kansas friends’ Facebook statuses have been almost all something along the lines of “[name] hopes to receive a paycheck on Friday.” My mom gets [...]

Greed in Privatization? No Way!

I’ve been meaning to get to this little story since last week because it’s really grossly offensive. The short of it: A couple of judges pleaded guilty to taking millions of dollars in kickbacks from privately run juvenile detention centers in Pennsylvania. In other words, they threw kids in prison for cash. Well done, justices, [...]

Paramilitary Aggression, Rebranded

If your company produces a crappy operating system that the public largely rejects, you can either fix the operating system, which is really hard, or you can create a marketing campaign to convince people that there is no problem with the operating system. This is hard, too, but perhaps not as hard as making a [...]

Let ‘Em Fail

No, I’m not an economist, so I don’t know what would happen if the government didn’t bail out the likes of Citigroup or JP Morgan or Bank of America. But when I read a story like this, I very much feel these companies should not only be allowed to fail, but we should actively put [...]

A Good Lobbyist?

President Obama (yes, it still thrills to type those words) signed an executive order in his first week setting up some of the strictest guidelines for lobbying that the White House has seen in years. Bravo. The past eight years have been a nightmare of corporate lobbying and lobbyists creating destructive policy. Dick Cheney’s closed-door [...]

Grr… Health Care Industry… Grr…

I’m a fortunate American with health insurance. One of the benefits of my job is that my employer kicks in to the kitty for a health plan for the lot of us. I’m very pleased with my doctor and have no complaints about my care. It’s also expensive. Even with the employer contribution, the missus [...]