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Sunnyside Has a Ton of Old Queens

I spent a chunk of time this morning at Starbucks, using the reliable internet connection, while the missus sat around and waited for Time Warner to come fix ours. The window they gave us was a very convenient “any time between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.” That’s longer than my workday, Dickheads. Anyway, the missus [...]

I Really Need to Savor My Food

A couple of weekends ago, the missus got inspired to make a delicious shrimp salad. I’m not sure exactly where she got the recipe, but it was sort of a egg salad/shrimp salad concoction with Tabasco and other deliciousness. This past weekend, while in the Berkshires (Lah-di-DAH, B&E readers! Lah! Di! Dah!), our generous host [...]

Is Twitter Winning Me Over?

Social media isn’t going away. I had to join Facebook for work, and because of what we do around the office, I’ve been aware of Twitter for a few years, even if I don’t actually participate. Technically I do, I suppose, in that I have an account, etc., but I haven’t tweeted once. The thing [...]

Your Job Should be the Least of Your Concerns

You’ve probably heard by now that we’ve got an oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, thanks to stellar work by British Petroleum (BP), Halliburton, and Blackwater. Okay, so I totally made up that bit about Blackwater (now Xe), but doesn’t it seem like they should be a part of this motley crew? Replace Blackwater [...]

Steal This New Year’s Resolution

Hey, B&E; readers! Do you remember how at the end of the aughts (aka the Jack Bauer years, aka the 9/11 years, aka the fuck-the-public years, aka etc.) the United States government totally gave like billions of dollars to the very institutions that caused the financial crisis and then those institutions went right back to [...]

Signs of Life at the FCC?

During the Bush administration (and let’s face it: during the Clinton administration too), the Federal Communications Commission never found a merger it didn’t like. It also seemed to deregulate just about everything having to do with anything and gave media, phone, and internet companies carte blanche to fuck consumers by any means necessary. In theory [...]

I Totally Found the Piggly Wiggly

Good news, B&E; readers! I didn’t need to shop at Walmart yesterday! Behold! The Piggly Wiggly!

I Didn’t Find the Piggly-Wiggly

Today I ventured into town. That’s about a half hour from the cabin in which I’m staying. While I was at the Walgreen’s, I asked for directions to the nearest grocery store. The cashier gave me directions and said, “Your other alternative is the Walmart right there, but the Piggly-Wiggly is probably better.” I agreed [...]

Karma Gives a Beatdown on the Mets

It’s official: karma has taken a massive bite out of the 2009 New York Metropolitans. And I know the reason… Citibank. Citigroup. Citi Field. Father and Son Wilpon, you should’ve named the entire stadium – not just the rotunda – after Jackie Robinson. Instead, you named it after a bailed out, insolvent corporation that has [...]

The Head of Mercenaries a Murderer? No!

Remember Blackwater (a.k.a. Xe)? Oh, man. Man, oh man, oh Manischewitz. Investigative reporter and Blackwater/Xe expert Jeremy Scahill is now reporting in The Nation that Erik Prince may have murdered or facilitated the murder of cooperative witnesses in government investigations of the company. This is one of those explosive stories that’s likely to get lost [...]