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I Love my White Dreadlocked Commenters

Since my shift from Blogger to WordPress, I don’t really get comments from “Anonymous” anymore. One is required to fill in the little form, making it impossible to hide. I sort of appreciate that. For some reason, the occasional Anonymous comment still comes through on posts that were originally published in Blogger. (Well, I seem [...]

More Excuses

Greetings, B&E readers. I’m going to have one of those months. A busy one of those months, I mean. And so I thought it fair to warn you that my postings may drop off even more than they’ve been dropping off lately. Of course, I’ve also found that when I warn my (six) readers that [...]

Boy, That’s Some Clever Spam

Since migrating my site from Blogger to WordPress, I’ve noticed something curious, with regard to comments. As most of my six regular readers will remember, I would occasionally get anonymous comments on the Blogger B&E. Sometimes I’d reprint them and respond. I was always fond of the white people with dreadlocks who thought I was [...]

Binder & Binder Comments

Comments on the old posts continue. Over a year ago, I had some issues with the cowboy hat worn by a lawyer in a shitty commercial that airs on NY1. Follow the link to the old post if you’re interested in reading all of the comments (including one from a former employee! Look out!). But [...]

Mordant Has an Awesome Name

It’s that time again, B&E; readers. I have recently received some terrific comments from some terrific readers, and I’m now sharing one of them with you. Some of you may recall that when the missus and I visited Sweden a few years back, I had a few thoughts about the many Swedes with their many [...]

Heather Must’ve Made that Nasty Potato

Hey, B&E; readers! I’ve insulted a Scot! And it wasn’t even the missus! Heather didn’t much care for my review of the bad Scottish cuisine from our trip last May. And apparently she didn’t stick around long enough to read my raves about the better food. Alas, she seemed particularly irritated at my attitude toward [...]

Comments That Make Me Happy

I’ve had “a week,” as people say, so I haven’t focused much energy on B&E; in the past few days. I still don’t have much to say, so let me turn to people who say things in the B&E; comments section instead. For reasons probably having to do with Google, several old posts seem to [...]

Another Belated Comment

A semi-regular and odd occurrence takes place here at B&E;: someone finds an old post while doing some zealous Googling and then leaves a comment. I get my alert and am occasionally disappointed that the rest of my (six) readers don’t get to enjoy the brilliance therein. Yes, it’s happened again. Long-time readers may recall [...]