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I Still Hate Cell, Even the Smart, Phones

I don’t know if this is my first comment on the 2012 presidential election, but I’m sure it won’t be my last, especially since we still have another 14 months of crazy bullshit to wade through before we fucking vote. Man, I’m grumpy today. Anyway, “Catcher’s” Mitt Romney tried out a new soundbite yesterday when [...]

Just Another Reason to Hate the Phone

That’s right, B&E; readers. This is another complaint about cell phones. Recently the smart phones have been advertising the ability to talk on the phone while simultaneously allowing the caller to surf the net or perform other smart phone functions. Boy, that’s just great. I love it when the people I talk to on the [...]

Signs of Life at the FCC?

During the Bush administration (and let’s face it: during the Clinton administration too), the Federal Communications Commission never found a merger it didn’t like. It also seemed to deregulate just about everything having to do with anything and gave media, phone, and internet companies carte blanche to fuck consumers by any means necessary. In theory [...]

And It’s Freakin’ Staying Off

OK, so maybe cell phones aren’t killing bees, and maybe those popcorn-popping cell phone videos are totally faked, but guess what cell phones are doing? They’re giving you fucking brain tumors! This shit is fucked up, yo. The report was kicked off ten years ago… …but its full publication has been held up for years. [...]

I Don’t Much Care

I’ve had from a few sources that those cell phone corn popping videos are faked and, in fact, viral advertisements. But as far as I’m concerned, cell phones are killing bees, causing ear cancer, and making the single largest contribution to global warming.

I’m Sure Those Cell Phones Are Perfectly Safe

As most B&E; readers will know, I’m not the biggest fan of cell phones. Maybe your cell phone isn’t actually killing bees as I suspected last year (and still do, not so secretly), but maybe they’re killing us instead. [Full disclosure: I now have a cell phone, but in my defense, it's never on, and [...]