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Dude, Those Lutherans Are Crazy

At this point, I don’t particularly feel the need to pile onto Michelle Bachmann. My seven readers (maybe down to six, now that I’m writing less) probably already have strong opinions on her, mostly negative ones, I assume. Still… I was raised Lutheran. Non-Lutherans probably don’t realize that there is no one Lutheran Church. Lutherans [...]

What Can I Say About Assisi?

The missus was raised to be a good Catholic girl. So naturally, Assisi was on the itinerary. The drive through Tuscany and into Umbria was just stunning. Seriously, though, folks, the drive was mostly beautiful, with a few pockets of industrialism mixed in for good measure. The old city of Assisi is built on a [...]

We Sort of Failed Siena

I accept responsibility that our experience in Siena wasn’t overwhelmingly positive. I love the idea of Siena very much. It has non-religious frescoes. Giant towers that weren’t built by the Catholic Church. I had been very much looking forward to it. It just got off to a bad start. We thought it was a good [...]

I Got My Eyes Dilated

I hate it when my contact lens order gets rejected by my optometrist because the prescription is more than a year old. I know my eyes well enough to know that everything is in working order, dammit. So it was that time of year again, and because the first eye doctor I went to in [...]

Oh, You’re SOOOOOOOO Persecuted

Some of you may have heard that the whole sexual abuse scandal has reared its ugly head again for the Catholic Church. It turns out that the current Pope himself, back when he was just a measly cardinal, mishandled a specific case including one priest who abused more than 200 deaf children. “Protect the church [...]