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My Mom’s in LA!–Part 2

Look out, B&E readers! My mom’s going on studio tours now! And she’s stalking stars better than Gawker Stalker. I have once again changed the names of everyone but the famous people, so for the purposes of this one, I’ll change my step-dad’s name to “Hoss” (because it’s as good a nickname as any other). [...]

My Mom’s in LA! — Part 1

I’m in a lull in the B&E posting, but my mother is in Los Angeles. You see, I have this step-niece who I’ll call Karen for this post. Because her name is Karen. (Her name isn’t Karen.) Anyway, “Karen” is 16 and living in LA for a few months to audition and take classes and [...]

Broke States

California is about to layoff 20,000 state employees, facing a $4 billion shortfall. Kansas is delaying mailing tax refund checks and may not be able to make payroll this week. My Kansas friends’ Facebook statuses have been almost all something along the lines of “[name] hopes to receive a paycheck on Friday.” My mom gets [...]