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Bad Advertising on NY1 – The Grand Prospect Hall

The TV spot for The Grand Prospect Hall is really difficult to describe, which is really the only reason I haven’t yet tackled it. And then it disappeared from the NY1 airwaves. Well, it’s been back with a vengeance this week, with a new version that’s really just a “turd polish” (official industry term used [...]

A Water Falls in Brooklyn

First the telectroscope and now the waterfalls. New York’s on a public art kick. Look out! Some Danish guy who likes making fake weather environments decided that New York City could use some waterfalls. So the Public Art Fund and a bunch of private donors (Look, conservatives! No tax money for art!) got together to [...]

Which Borough is Gayest?

Happy Pride Week to my many LGBTQ readers! OK, are any of you actually lesbian, gay, bi, transgendered, or queer? Don’t feel like you have to come out on B&E;, dear readers, but know that this is a LGBTQ-friendly zone. To honor Pride Week, NY1 is doing a series of gay features on gay subjects [...]

Richie Was Having a Great Time

There’s this art event happening in New York and London for the next few weeks, and I went to check it out this morning. It’s the Telectroscope! If you want to know more about the Telectroscope and the myth the artist made up around it, you can follow the link. What the Telectroscope does, in [...]

A New York Tornado?

Apparently, a tornado warning has been issued for eastern Brooklyn and southern Queens. Look, National Weather Service, I grew up in Kansas, where tornadoes wipe out entire towns. So you’ll forgive me, NY1, if I don’t get all scared and panicky. I’m gonna make some coffee. UPDATE (4:15 P.M.): Apparently a tornado actually touched down [...]

Badass Tattoo Artist – Follow-up

Here’s the full New York Times story about Duke’s adventure that the City Blog promised yesterday. And yes, I would say that the video embedded in the article is worth the four minutes of your time.

Badass Tattoo Artist

So the missus got a new tattoo by a fella called Duke Riley. The outline was done prior to our trip to Sweden. Here’s a picture of the work being done: When we returned the missus had Duke fill in the outline with some shading (there’s apparently still a bit to be done), and here’s [...]

Bald Street Marketing

bald bridge Originally uploaded by dangunderman. I loathe street marketing which, on top of being invasive in our everyday lives, is also getting all “viral” on our asses. “Look, hot guerilla marketing stranger, I don’t care if the new mixed cocktail from Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Rum is the most refreshing drink of the summer. [...]

The Hipster Grind

grindext Originally uploaded by dangunderman. On Friday evening, I met a friend in laughably-hip Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (Before I continue my assault on Williamsburg and Williamsburgers, let me add a caveat for those who’ve lived there for years. They are, obviously, the exceptions or, dare I say as the marketers do, the “key influencers.” As for [...]

Hot Dog Eating Contest – Follow Up

Well, 7-train conductor Eric Booker fell short of taking the Mustard Yellow Belt away from the Japanese, as the 144-pound Takeru Kobayashi won for the fifth consecutive year, eating 49 hot dogs in 12 minutes. His own record of 53-and-a-half dogs in 12 minutes stands. The runner-up was an even smaller competitor, a woman from [...]