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East River Ferry: In Theory, a Good Idea

There’s just no damn good way for me to get from Queens to Brooklyn, home of my place of employment (sometimes known as a “job”). So I received news of the East River Ferry with some excitement. The ferry landing in DUMBO isn’t terribly far from my office, and traveling on the East River is [...]

Another Reason to Dislike Park Slope

I’ve never really been seduced by Park Slope the way that most New Yorkers seem to have been seduced by it. It reminds me of neighborhoods in Boston. I hate Boston. So this Park Slope woman started an online petition to get the owner of a new club to play indie music instead of rap. [...]

The International Jersey Express

I feel like I’m required to comment on the news that the 7 train might be extended to Secaucus, New Jersey. Part of me is like “whatever.” So people who live in Hoboken and Secaucus can zip into Times Square in a few short minutes. Good for them. They won’t be riding out to Sunnyside [...]

Dude, That’s Fucked Up.

I live in New York City, and I’ve seen some fucked up shit in my day. But this is probably the fucked-uppiest of them all. A friend of ours lives on the third floor of a brownstone in Brooklyn. She awoke to carnage in her kitchen. Crap all over the floor, almost like a break-in. [...]

Hey, Nice Transport

Hey, now. This is a perfectly acceptable thing that the Mets have done. No, not the winning streaks at home followed immediately by losing streaks on the road. I’m talking about the boat ride to New Shea! It leaves from Pier 11 (Wall Street) before every Mets game about an hour and a half before [...]

So Not Cool, Dumbo

Look, New York City. I was close to the Towers when the planes hit. It made a pretty loud boom and shook the building a little. Those of us that live here understand perfectly well what it is to live on a bull’s-eye. So I would appreciate it, Brooklyn, if you’d ease up on the [...]

It’s Like the Key West of NYC

This missus and I celebrated my birthday this past weekend by spending the day in Red Hook. Quite a few years ago, like (Jesus!) ten years ago, during some of my single days in New York City, I was hanging out a fair amount with three other single, bald men. We were a real sight [...]

The Most Miserable Couple in the World

As I’ve mentioned before, I look at the faces I pass on the Brooklyn Bridge during my morning commute, sometimes with surprising results. Two people I see with some regularity are a couple. Or at least I assume they’re a couple since they so often walk together. They also often walk separately. No matter how [...]

I Still Got It, Baby!

I’ve been at my current job for about two-and-a-half years now. I figured out early on that commuting via the Brooklyn Bridge was a Very Good Thing To Do, even if it took an extra fifteen minutes each way. It’s a walk that keeps on giving, B&E; readers. I’m a people-watcher. New York is a [...]

Tourists Stink

With my outer-borough lifestyle (living in Queens, working in Brooklyn), I’m not one of those New Yorkers that gets annoyed at the tourists. In fact, I’m fairly convinced that it’s because of rich foreigners that New York hasn’t seen the brunt of the recession the rest of the country feels (and that we’ll now feel [...]