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The Most Miserable Couple in the World

As I’ve mentioned before, I look at the faces I pass on the Brooklyn Bridge during my morning commute, sometimes with surprising results. Two people I see with some regularity are a couple. Or at least I assume they’re a couple since they so often walk together. They also often walk separately. No matter how [...]

I Got My Eyes Checked Today

Spring is in the air, B&E; readers. It is May, after all. A few weeks ago I got that note on the Brooklyn Bridge (you better believe that I revisit that experience any time my ego needs a boost and tell every single person I’ve ever met), and I think my eye doctor was flirting [...]

I Still Got It, Baby!

I’ve been at my current job for about two-and-a-half years now. I figured out early on that commuting via the Brooklyn Bridge was a Very Good Thing To Do, even if it took an extra fifteen minutes each way. It’s a walk that keeps on giving, B&E; readers. I’m a people-watcher. New York is a [...]

Tourists Stink

With my outer-borough lifestyle (living in Queens, working in Brooklyn), I’m not one of those New Yorkers that gets annoyed at the tourists. In fact, I’m fairly convinced that it’s because of rich foreigners that New York hasn’t seen the brunt of the recession the rest of the country feels (and that we’ll now feel [...]

A Water Falls in Brooklyn

First the telectroscope and now the waterfalls. New York’s on a public art kick. Look out! Some Danish guy who likes making fake weather environments decided that New York City could use some waterfalls. So the Public Art Fund and a bunch of private donors (Look, conservatives! No tax money for art!) got together to [...]

Bridge, of the Brooklyn Sort

I’ve got a full-time job now. So I will no longer apologize for the lack of posting. I will instead internalize what I think the lack of posting says about me as a person, and concentrate on the feelings of insignificance and self-loathing. Hello again, dear B&E; readers! I have a self-imposed rule that I [...]

Bald Street Marketing

bald bridge Originally uploaded by dangunderman. I loathe street marketing which, on top of being invasive in our everyday lives, is also getting all “viral” on our asses. “Look, hot guerilla marketing stranger, I don’t care if the new mixed cocktail from Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Rum is the most refreshing drink of the summer. [...]