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For Mustache & Type Nerds

My love of facial hair is no secret. Grow it where you have it, I say. Although I’m no expert, I also rather enjoy type. At my job we do what is sometimes referred to as “creative work.” You know, branding, design, writing, and the like. Accordingly, we dabble in the typefaces. I’m on the [...]

Oh, It’s Beard Madness Alright!

It’s been a real beardy time. I got a bit lazy with my own shaving until this past Sunday and had inadvertently grown a damn near full beard. Totally unintentional. It just happened. The New York Yankees have long had a curious facial hair rule. Mustaches are fine. Beards are out. So it’s fine if [...]

Bearded Goodness

It’s been a while since I’ve focused on beards, but a strange confluence of activities requires that I address the topic once again. First, a colleague decided that I would enjoy the continuum of beards, from friendly to evil, which I blogged about some time ago. She was right. I still enjoy it. It’s a [...]

I Do Like Beards

Some friends know I like beards. And some send me links about beards. Even though the missus won’t let me keep mine longer than just scruff, it’s true: I like beards. I approve of this information visualization that ranks facial hair on a continuum from trustworthy to evil: It came from here, if you want [...]

You Know What, Gray? Blow Me.

I first began to suspect that I was losing my hair when I was about 20. I had a long mane at the time, and the amount of hair that would end up in my hands during any given shower seemed a bit extreme, even though women with lots of hair assured me that they [...]

What? Beard? Post!

Some of you may know about my fascination with beards. Well, here’s another tidbit. 500,000 Irish pounds – that’s monetary pounds, not weight pounds – are lost each year thanks to facial hair’s absorption of beer. At today’s exchange rate, that’s coming on a goddamn million greenbacks worth of lost beer. For the love of [...]

A Promise Fulfilled

alibeards Originally uploaded by dangunderman. It was a little dark, and I was a tad too far (just like that damned bridge) for my camera’s flash to reach the stage, but this gem survived. And I offer it to you, the faithful B&E; readers. That’s overall winner, Heinz Christofer, on the right, who flew in [...]

Technology Fails Me

Oh, sweet B&E; readers. I had a special treat for you today. Last night was the New York City Beard & Mustache Championships, and I took pictures. Alas, my computer has died again (someone remind me why Macs are better), so my photos will remain on my camera until I once again have access to [...]

Another Dream Down the Drain

beardy sink Originally uploaded by dangunderman. Well, three weeks into my expected decades-long bid to compete in the World Beard Championships, I groomed. A video I once made while bored in Vermont surfaced over at Virgil’s, and somehow, when the missus saw it, she deemed me to be quite attractive with an uncovered face, even [...]

A Word About Beards

brandenburg beard Originally uploaded by dangunderman. Right now, I have a beard (and no, I don’t mean the missus). Just about every winter, I grow one. I like the way it balances my bald head, and I find the extra layer of fuzz to be effective against the cold weather. Well, The New York Times [...]