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Lady? Check. Baseball? Check. Knuckler?! Check!

What’s not to like about this little tidbit, B&E; readers? First of all, it’s about a woman. I like women. Secondly, it’s about baseball. Gosh, I do like baseball. Thirdly, it’s about a knuckleball pitcher. I do love a good knuckleball. When you roll those things into one, you get Eri Yoshida, an 18-year-old knuckleballer [...]

Okay, I’ll Bite

Part of me wants to let it go, but apparently I can’t resist… Mark McGwire admitted steroid use. And man, former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer earned the shit out of his crisis management fee. Yes, it was a good strategy well-executed by all parties involved, even tears and (perhaps) genuine emotion from McGwire himself, [...]

Now THAT is a Baseball Fan

As if I needed another reason to like Donald Sutherland (Keifer would be enough!), the Bats Blog on the New York Times website featured a story that gave me much pleasure. The blog post by Tyler Kepner is discussing how the Montreal Expos, which hasn’t been a team in Major League Baseball since 2004, is [...]

Boy, That’s Some Start to the Off-Season

Nothing breeds failure like failure. Ah, Mets. Thou art so lame and useless. Do the Mets get a pass for the 2009 season? Perhaps. After all, injuries plagued the poor bastards, and they never really stood a chance with so many theoretical all-stars out of the lineup. Still, one can’t deny the ethos of losing [...]

Hangover? David, Please.

In David Wells’ autobiography, which he totally wrote himself, he discusses pitching his perfect game while hungover. It’s certainly not the first claim of a major baseball accomplishment performed under the influence. For my money, there’s no more colorful baseball story than Dock Ellis’s 1970 no-hitter, which he claims to have thrown while freaking out [...]

Can I Get an “Oy!”?

The past few days have been upheavalous, a word I just made up. As I’ve stated on numerous occasions, I don’t much care for the overly personal here on the B&E.; I’d much rather discuss baseball (the Mets are terrible!), punctuation holidays (dog’s cock!), and politics (yes, the right-wing is racist!). But alas, sometimes the [...]

We Poor, Oppressed White People

Because I’m a straight, white man, there are things I can say to my fellow straight, white men that, for example, a lesbian Latina can’t. From people outside my ethnic and sexual identity majority, it would be condescending and inappropriate. So please, allow me to speak frankly to the other straight, white men out there. [...]

Stay Classy, Staten Island

We had a bit of a work outing last night, taking in a game at the Ballpark at St. George on Staten Island. The Yankees’ independent single-A affiliate, cleverly called the Staten Island Yankees, play there. And I do love a minor league baseball game. Local news (NY1!) has occasional reports of the rising obesity [...]

The Mets’ New Archbishop

Catholics aren’t generally known for their flexible stances on positions. They’re remarkably consistent, which is something I both admire and admonish. I agree sometimes (no war and no death penalty), and I disagree sometimes (no choice and no gay marriage). But the positions themselves are longstanding and immovable. Not so, it seems, with baseball loyalties. [...]

The Food at Bailout Ballfield

The menu at the Mets new stadium has been announced. Yes, they’ll still have hot dogs and pretzels. But they’ll also have Danny Meyer. That’s right: the restaurateur who brought us Gramercy Tavern and Union Square Cafe will be feeding the masses at Bailout Ballfield. I’d be concerned that the Mets were getting all hoity-toity [...]