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I Totally Stalked Gary Carter

Legendary Mets catcher Gary Carter finally succumbed to brain cancer this week. Gary was, of course, a member of the legendary ’86 Mets, and as I’ve explained before, that was actually a heartbreak season for me, because the Mets beat my beloved Astros in the playoffs before going on to beat the Red Sox in [...]


Opening Day arrives this week, B&E readers! Oh, yes, it does. And as terrible as the Mets should be this year, I’m excited. I much prefer pulling for the underdogs. I like that the team is stocked with homegrown youngsters and injured former stars. These are the guys you root for. I love it. One [...]

Bob Feller Cracked Me Up

So when someone famous dies, you’re supposed to tell the story of your one personal experience with him. You are, right? Well, legendary pitcher Bob Feller died at the age of 92, and I sort of met him once. When I was about 11 and in the middle of my baseball card collection craze, I [...]

Cliff Lee’s Money

There were a couple of articles in the New York Times discussing Cliff Lee’s tax rate. One appeared before his decision, talking about how the lower taxes in Texas gave the Rangers an advantage over the Yankees with New York’s higher tax rate. Then there was this one, after he made the surprise decision to [...]

Don’t Touch the Bats!

Apologies, dear B&E readers, for such a long absence. I’ve been working on this rather time-consuming writing project, and then I spent a few days out of town. I can’t promise that the near future will be any better than the past few weeks since the writing project continues. And yes, there’s been Glenn Beck [...]

George Died. Oh, and 9/11.

Yeah, so I’m a Mets fan. Still, I rather liked George Steinbrenner. He and the Yankees deserved each other, and I mean both the positive and negative implications. I’m glad he didn’t own the Mets. Steinbrenner was like your favorite drunk uncle that you’re really glad isn’t your dad. So RIP, George Steinbrenner. The Yankees [...]

The Human Element

Everyone’s talking about the umpire who ruined the perfect game today, so I figure I might as well join the chorus. I love baseball. I think it’s an inherently perfect game. And part of that perfection includes human error. Whether it’s a boneheaded base-running play, a second baseman with a serious case of the yips, [...]

Baseball Matters

I know the B&E demographic, and it’s probably safe to say that about half of my six readers bleep over or skim the baseball posts. Well, baseball haters, even you will want to follow this link. Watch the video too. I apologize if you have to sit through an advertisement, but trust me. I don’t [...]

Just Read Zirin

Socio-political issues are always more nuanced than public discourse allows. Still, I don’t think I’m going out on much of a limb if I say that Arizona’s new immigration law is racist. In general, I support the idea of a boycott of the state, although I also have an aunt who runs a B&B in [...]

The Mets Lost, But Still…

B&E; readers will be relieved to hear that I made it out to my first game of the Mets season this past weekend. I know you’ve all been waiting for this report. The Mets had pretty much lost the game by the end of the first inning, so it was really not about the game. [...]