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Hey, As Long As You Don’t Hurt Anyone

This Middle-Name-Joe The Not-Even-a-Licensed Plumber doesn’t seem to go away, and I gotta say, the media on the left is even more fascinated by this tool than the right. Christ! Look at me! I’m wasting valuable space on the Dickhead, too. I guess we can file him under the “bald” part of B&E.; But let’s [...]

The Obvious Solution

We really have been hearing a lot in the past week or so about Obama’s graying hair. He appears to be going grayer rather quickly. Well, Michael Tomasky at the UK’s Guardian newspaper presents three potential outcomes for Obama and offers an effective recommendation. And I must say that I agree wholeheartedly. (Watch to the [...]

Guest Post – Baldy in a Battleground – Inaugural Edition

#44! So, this not-so-baldy-anymore just returned from our nation’s capital for the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America. You may have heard by now – he’s black and his middle name is Hussein! I’ve only been to DC once before, so I can’t speak with a great deal of authority [...]

I Remember This: It’s Called Cold

Oh, yes, B&E; readers, New York City has had its first really cold day, and I don’t mind telling you that I like it. Well, I like it other than the fact that it was also 54-degrees at my job today. (In case I need to clarify, we do actually work inside.) It’s sort of [...]

Guest Post – Baldy in a Battleground – Episode 13

Voter Suppression! (Fancy Campaign-Speak for “Stealing the Election”) So, yesterday, one of my vols (snazzy campaign-speak for “volunteers”) went down to monitor the lines at our early voting location. People have been waiting up to three hours to vote, and we sent people down to encourage would-be voters to stay in line. We offered doughnuts, [...]

Guest Post – Baldy in a Battleground – Episode 12

Vote Early, Vote Often In this battleground state, we’ve been able to vote early since the end of last month. Today, I finally went to cast my vote. The cockles of my heart were warmed by the line. A two-hour wait. Democrats, waiting for two hours to vote early for That One. We’re gonna win [...]

Guest Post – Baldy in a Battleground – Episode 11

Consensus Trance Here in this battleground state, our get-out-the-vote efforts begin officially on the 29th. We’ll be contacting everyone who has self-identified as an Obama supporter and all the SuperDems that we didn’t bother contacting during the campaign because they are, well, super. Every election they fly up to the polls, their blue capes just [...]

Guest Post – Baldy in a Battleground – Episode 10

There is No Justice So, Obama was visiting this battleground last week. It was all very exciting – huge crowd of people, completely forgetting everything Obama stands for and selfishly looking out for their own best interests and not those of the crowd. Capitalists. I had the very pleasant job of working the line. This [...]

Undecided Baldies

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the prominence of baldness during the past week’s presidential debates. The first mention occurred during Talking Points Memo’s live blog of the debate: 9:09 PM … We’re told this audience was selected to be a cross-section of the local community. But is it not obvious that it’s weighted [...]

Guest Post – Baldy in a Battleground – Episode 9

Dream Analysis in a Battleground Lest anyone should wonder if election anxiety is creeping its way into my dreams, here is as accurate an account as I can give of my dream last night: The volunteer coordinator of the campaign office kept stealing my writing utensils and replacing them with cookware – spatulas, tongs, soup [...]