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I Know My Bald Heads

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Rupert Murdoch got a shaving cream pie in the face today while giving his testimony at the inquiry looking into News Corp.’s propensity for phone hacking. This is the image I first saw of the incident… For a screen grab, it’s got some pretty good drama in it. [...]

He’s Losing More than a Championship

Congratulations to Novac Djokovic, who just became this year’s Wimbledon champion, defeating Rafael Nadal, whom all the ladies love. I was noticing something during the match, as Nadal tucked those gorgeous locks behind his years, as is his wont. Rafa’s hair is thinning. Obviously, a headband can cover a recede, but Rafa’s got the classic [...]

I Like These Mets

This weekend is the first Subway Series between the Mets and Yankees. The Mets Junior Varsity team eked out a win against the Yankees superstars in the first game yesterday. It’s just one game, and the Mets in this form probably can’t be sustained for an entire season, but last night’s game demonstrates exactly why [...]

Keep Your Hot Wax Away From My Nethers

I’m a bald man. But with baldness on the head comes hair everywhere else. This is my least favorite part of being bald. But if Bliss Spa thinks I’m going for a He-Wax, they’re out of their fucking minds. I mean, really. Ouch. Even ouchier might be the damned copy on the He-Wax page. To [...]

Bernie is Bald & Effective

Well, effective-ish, anyway. I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout-out to Bernie Sanders, Independent Senator of Vermont, who did an old-school filibuster on the floor of the Senate yesterday, speaking for 8.5 hours, from about 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. I caught a little more than an hour of it (in the background [...]

That Doesn’t Make It a Hairline

On my way home from work the other evening, I saw a most curious fella. He seemed like a day-laboring sorta guy, at least in terms of his wardrobe. Work boots. Nothing he wore was hip or fashiony. His backpack was pretty dirty. At the same time, he seemed to have some concern about his [...]

Binder & Binder Comments

Comments on the old posts continue. Over a year ago, I had some issues with the cowboy hat worn by a lawyer in a shitty commercial that airs on NY1. Follow the link to the old post if you’re interested in reading all of the comments (including one from a former employee! Look out!). But [...]

You Left Out Your Biggest Enemy

Steve King, Dickhead of the House from Iowa, says a lot of crazy, and occasionally gets called out on the crazy. Steve King recently spoke at CPAC, the annual conference brought to you by the ever-reasonable American Conservative Union, which in spite of its obvious anti-union leanings has “union” in its name (branding issues!). Anyway, [...]

Happy New Year, B&E Readers

I hope that all six of you have a happy and healthy 2010. On this side of things, I hope to get back into updating the B&E; site with more frequency – more like the beginning of 2009 than the end of it. We shall see how that goes. In the meantime, I’m offering you [...]

You Know What, Gray? Blow Me.

I first began to suspect that I was losing my hair when I was about 20. I had a long mane at the time, and the amount of hair that would end up in my hands during any given shower seemed a bit extreme, even though women with lots of hair assured me that they [...]