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Perhaps the Bunny Will Satisfy Your Needs

Sorry I haven’t been writing, B&E; readers. I’ve been too busy writing! So for now, I offer this pleasantry. Enjoy.

Something Good Has Come of All This (So To Speak!)

So it’s tax day, and in response, some right-wing nuts threw a bunch of “tea parties.” As I’ve mentioned before, fortunately these nuts have embraced the term teabagging. The protests are stupid, but at least now everyone on the planet will know what teabagging is. I mean, once David Gergen gets the reference, surely we’ve [...]

I Still Got It, Baby!

I’ve been at my current job for about two-and-a-half years now. I figured out early on that commuting via the Brooklyn Bridge was a Very Good Thing To Do, even if it took an extra fifteen minutes each way. It’s a walk that keeps on giving, B&E; readers. I’m a people-watcher. New York is a [...]

Liddy Hates Jesse

North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole made an attempt to honor the late Senator Jesse Helms by adding his name to an HIV/AIDS bill. Those of us paying attention in the 80s and 90s might remember Jesse Helms as the man who fought tooth and nail against any bill that provided any sort of funding for [...]

A Sporting Time in Kansas City

It is decidedly awkward to use the term “negro” in front of someone of the African-American persuasion. I went to Kansas City this weekend. The missus had a music therapy conference, and I thought I’d use it as an excuse to see ma. And while there, I went to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. As [...]