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Anti-Dickhead of the Week – More Anti-Dickheadedness!

feingold Originally uploaded by dangunderman. Yes, my lover, Russ “Balls of” Feingold, has done it again. He continues to seduce me away from my hetero ways. Russ has become the first (tell me if you know of another) U.S. Senator to “come out” in favor of gay marriage. Democrats are politically bisexual when it comes [...]

That Sound Is the Pitter Patter of My Heart

Oh, Sweet Russell, you put the tit in titillating with your fightin’ words and northern midwestern charm. [Observer link via the Huffington Post.]

In Further Praise of Mighty Russell

William Greider offers his own praise of sexy Senator Russell Oh-So Feingold. Not only does he state the case with more eloquence than I do, but he sounds considerably less gay.

Anti-Dickhead of the Week – Russ Feingold

feingold Originally uploaded by dangunderman. Generally, I focus on the negative. It makes for funnier reading. But Yahweh bless Senator Russell Feingold from the great cheese-eating state of Wisconsin. My desire to have an affair with Russell “Oh, So” Feingold has only increased with the idiotic Democratic Party’s cool reception of Russ’s call for censure. [...]