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Oh, So Feingold

Everyone’s favorite former Senator, Russ “You Look” Feingold, has finally announced a post-office holding plan that goes beyond teaching law (not that there’s anything wrong with teaching law). This week, Russ “Corporations Should Suffer A” Feingold launched Progressives United, a PAC with a mission of getting corporate money out of politics. It’s a worthy cause [...]

You Made It So, Joe

I haven’t been a fan of Joe Lieberman pretty much from the time I became aware of him. He was part of the group that moved the entire Democratic Party to the right during the Clinton administration, along with Clinton himself, via the Democratic Leadership Council. You see, you co-opt the Republican position, message, and [...]

Not Just a Smartass

Perhaps you’re already a follower, but a couple of days ago, the genius behind the Twitter feed BPGlobalPR sent out a press release. A serious one. Turns out he (or she, I suppose, although the signature on the release includes “aka a guy in his boxer shorts”) is not just a smartass. The whole thing [...]

Anti-Dickhead of This Moment – Tim DeChristopher

I haven’t given out an Anti-Dickhead award for quite some time, as the Dickhead/Anti-Dickhead feature has gone mostly the way of the archives here at B&E.; But I still like to keep my ears and eyes open for total Dickhead moves (with Blagojevich and Madoff getting recent shout-outs), with the occasional Anti-Dickhead move thrown in [...]

FISA’s Anti-Dickheads

Obama voted for the FISA bill, along with a wide majority of Senators. Two Senators deserve a shout-out for shouting out against this bill with clarity and conviction: Russell “Oh, So” Feingold and Christopher “The Days and Nights of Molly” Dodd led a valiant (if doomed) effort to defeat the bill. As covered in The [...]

Anti-Dickhead of the Week – Ehren Watada

watada Originally uploaded by dangunderman. Considering Lt. Ehren Watada made his announcement on June 7, I’m feeling like I came a little late to this party. Lt. Watada has become the first commissioned officer to refuse to serve in Iraq because of his belief that the war is illegal and that his participation would make [...]

Anti-Dickhead of the Week – Steve Almond

almond Originally uploaded by dangunderman. For those of you not familiar with Steve Almond, he’s the author of several collections of stories, as well as a memoir to which I’m quite partial, called Candy Freak. It’s a well-documented look at his love for all things sweet. Steve’s writing is satirical, wicked, and funny. I don’t [...]

Where’s the Colbert?

I ran into Virgil at Sunnyside’s new daytime coffee hangout, The Grind (the name’s still stupid, but I can work there, as long as I listen to my own music), and he remarked at how little press coverage Anti-Dickhead of the Week Stephen Colbert’s speech has gotten. For a full-frontal blistering assault less than ten [...]

Anti-Dickhead of the Week – Stephen Colbert

colbert Originally uploaded by dangunderman. Prepare yourself. And give yourself a few minutes to enjoy Stephen Colbert’s speech at the White House Correspondence Dinner last night. An article summarizing his appearance is here, if you don’t have the time or desire to watch video online. Check out Part I here.Part II here.And Part III here.(If, [...]

I’m Not Alone

russ thong Originally uploaded by dangunderman. Others share my love for Russ “Oh, So” Feingold. Blondandeffective (if that is indeed her name) made me aware of these fine products available for sale. Get them now, people, before Russ officially declares his candidacy and changes the logo to something even more boring and politically typical. Hey, [...]