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Hey, Look Over There!

While you, my six readers, wait for me to update B&E;, I offer you a worthy distraction: Hedgehogs! And if you want a look back at other hedgehogs, enjoy the hedgehogs of B&E; old, dear readers.

About the Critters, Part II

It’s hard out there for a critter. Once a day I would trek over to the main house to check my email and connect with the outside world a bit. It was baseball playoffs season, so I limited my media intake to baseball stories. One day, while I was sitting at the table in the [...]

About the Critters

My October cabin was located on a Wisconsin farm. On warm and sunny days, the ladybugs, box elder bugs, flies, and hornets took over. I was lucky that it was mostly cool and cloudy then. In fact, there were snow flurries on October 10th. That seems early to me. I often heard other critters at [...]

Thank You for Your Patience

Oh, B&E; readers, I do not take you (all seven of you) for granted. I know I have been terribly lax during my time in the wilderness, especially in the past couple of weeks. But I have been thinking of you. And as I return to the land of the urban, I shall regale you [...]

Perhaps the Bunny Will Satisfy Your Needs

Sorry I haven’t been writing, B&E; readers. I’ve been too busy writing! So for now, I offer this pleasantry. Enjoy.

I Wear My Orange Fleece Everywhere

Hunting is a big sport in these here parts. And just yesterday, the winter caretaker of the farm warned me that today is the start of deer hunting season in the immediate area. The missus and I were discussing hunting and my getting shot a few days ago, and she was of the opinion that [...]

That Gander Wants to Fucking Kill Me

At this particular farm on which the cabin resides, there is a lot of fowl. Chicks and ducks and geese, just like the song in Oklahoma!, but of course, this is Wisconsin!, and I don’t have a surrey, with or without a fringe on top. I have a Saturn. Upon arrival, after introducing myself to [...]

Awwww… Mommy’s a Brush!

Remember the cute, injured hedgehogs? Oh, I bet you do. Well, let me remind you… AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW! Wookie! Da itty-bitty hedgie-wedgie got a boo-boo! If you recall, that baby hedgehog broke his little legs falling out of the shrubbery because global warming made it impossible for him to hibernate properly. His little brother got hurt, too. [...]

Puffin Personals – Walter

Lonely single male seeking female. Or anyone, really. About meI’m desperately alone. About youI really don’t care at all, as long as you help me get out from under the weight of this crushing loneliness. Send messages to Box Walter6431 c/o B&E; comments below.

Puffin Personals – Jackie

Spunky, adventurous lover-of-life looking for an extreme sports partner for adrenaline-chasing, natural highs, and high-octane romance. About meI’m a cliff diver, skate punk, base jumper, free faller, snowboarder, tree climber, Red Bull drinker, body piercer, storm surfer, wave jumper, ice climber, BMX biker, deep sea diver, storm chaser, short track speed skater, bungee jumper, high [...]