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Happy 4th of July, B&E Readers!

You are the most patriotic and handsome of all of the blog readers on all of the internets. This one’s just for you…

Moon Fight!

Between Obama’s reference to Sputnik in his State of the Union address, and Sarah Palin’s strange implication that the Soviets won the space race, I’ve been thinking about space and fights, and I’ve decided that Moon Fight would be the Best Movie Ever, and Hollywood should totally get on it, creating an alternative historical reality [...]

Git Yer Paws Off Our First Lady, Lady!

It was totally inappropriate the way Queen Elizabeth groped Michelle Obama at Buckingham Palace. I don’t know what sense of entitlement you have, old woman, but that there is our First Lady. She is not to be groped, stroked, embraced, pushed, fondled, cupped, manhandled, or, indeed, queen-handled. You may recall a little thing we call [...]

Je Suis American!

On our drive back to the gay commune sometimes referred to as New York City, the missus and I stopped off at a Walmart just outside of Wheeling, West Virginia. I’m fairly certain we were still in Ohio, but in the West Virginia part of Ohio. But not only did we stop off at (and [...]