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Good Message; Too Bad About the Messenger

At my job, we do work with nonprofits. So we keep our eye on things related to nonprofit awareness, fundraising, advocacy, etc. So someone came across the pictured ad for Dutch Cordaid: People in Need. Pretty effective, no? Instead of buying that extra pair of sunglasses you want but don’t need, why not donate much [...]

Diversity Reminiscent of Offensive Jokes

Local advertisers understand that we’ve got ourselves a melting pot here in New York City, so portraying diversity in local ads proves a sensitivity to our many cultures. Or perhaps local industry just knows that they have many target audiences from which to take money. Large companies will create individual ad campaigns targeted toward the [...]

The AP Is Very Pleased With Itself

So as you’ve probably heard, Paris Hilton responded to the John McCain “celebrity” ad with an ad of her own. It’s not bad. The Associated Press has reported on the development of course and offer us this exceptionally clever headline: Paris Hilton issues tart rebuttal to McCain ad Tart! Get it? See? It’s Paris Hilton! [...]

Bad Advertising on NY1 – The Grand Prospect Hall

The TV spot for The Grand Prospect Hall is really difficult to describe, which is really the only reason I haven’t yet tackled it. And then it disappeared from the NY1 airwaves. Well, it’s been back with a vengeance this week, with a new version that’s really just a “turd polish” (official industry term used [...]

Bad Advertising on NY1 – NY1

Any TV channel does its share of self-promotion. When I’m watching Major League Baseball’s Game-of-the-Week on Fox, they do everything they can to convince me that I’m missing out on an amazing program called “Bones.” So naturally, NY1 promotes its other programs: Inside City Hall, On Stage, The Call, and more. But NY1 also does [...]

Bad Advertising on NY1 – Barilla Plus

I had intended my semi-regular commentary on the bad advertising on NY1 to consist primarily of the poor quality, locally created gems, such as the Koeppel Auto spot starring Jackie Mason (which thankfully now seems to be out of rotation). But let’s turn our attention to a spot with a bigger budget, clearly created by [...]

Bad Advertising on NY1 – Koeppel Auto

We’re a NY1 house in the morning. Local news. Weather reports every ten minutes. It’s oddly compelling. When I first discovered NY1, oh so many years ago, I found it immediately comforting. New York TV’s local ads are just as bad, if not worse, than local ads outside New York. These ads are difficult to [...]