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No Advertising on NY1

A quick break from the vacation slide show… I used to have a semi-regular feature on B&E that discussed the plethora of bad television ads that appeared on NY1 during my morning viewing. Some of my posts have continued to receive comments, particularly on ads for Binder & Binder and Hillside Honda. But the Grand [...]

What Matters Is $5, Apparently

I’m not a big fan of the big banking industry. I mean, really. Fuck those guys. And the ads for banks that are all soft and lovely, pretending to be about something bigger than just money, are disingenuous and hypocritical, and again, I say fuck those guys. JP Morgan Chase is one of my least [...]

Bad Advertising on NY1 – Totino’s

This Totino’s pizza bites spot is annoying, sure, but most advertising is, even the ads of higher quality (which this isn’t), so I won’t fault them for that. No, what makes this particular advertisement bad is that it features two teenage girls who love listening to music and eating pizza bites. You see, they each [...]

It’s a Very Kind B&E

For once, “B&E” on B&E doesn’t mean bald & effective. Today, it means breaking & entering. But first… I’m sure it will surprise you to hear that I’m no big fan of the monster banks. Whether it’s the bailout, the bonuses, the lack of lending, or the inequity, I’ve got reasons. So I’m deeply suspicious [...]

Disingenuous Much?

There’s a new tax on the table for consideration in New York – a tax on sugary soft drinks. You know, the ones that are all really, really bad for you and are, probably more than anything, responsible for the obesity epidemic in America. Like all states, New York’s got a budget crisis. And let’s [...]

Binder & Binder Comments

Comments on the old posts continue. Over a year ago, I had some issues with the cowboy hat worn by a lawyer in a shitty commercial that airs on NY1. Follow the link to the old post if you’re interested in reading all of the comments (including one from a former employee! Look out!). But [...]

Comments That Make Me Happy

I’ve had “a week,” as people say, so I haven’t focused much energy on B&E; in the past few days. I still don’t have much to say, so let me turn to people who say things in the B&E; comments section instead. For reasons probably having to do with Google, several old posts seem to [...]

If I Can Read It, Why Can’t I Hear It?

I’ve got the venerable NY1 on again this morning, and one of the segments was sponsored by Puppetry of the Penis. The screen was yellow with giant black letters spelling out the name of the show, and as the announcer said the name of the show, penis was bleeped out. Do they not want blind [...]

Bad Advertising on NY1 – Hillside Honda

OK, so in all fairness to Hillside Honda, I can’t actually remember if this is their commercial or not, but I think it is. That I’ve seen the ad just about every morning for the past six months and can’t remember for certain might be a problem in and of itself. Anyway… A young man [...]

Bad Advertising on NY1 – Binder & Binder

I’m not going to get into the details of the poor production quality, shitty graphics, and weak voice over in the low-tech spot for law firm Binder & Binder on NY1. Those issues come with the territory in local advertising. And in some ways, it’s an effective ad. It even uses a personal story to [...]