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My Brain is Counterclockwise

The other day, a colleague made a forward-moving gesture to complement what she was saying about the year progressing. Even though her hand moved from left-to-right (that’s the direction in which we read, B&E readers), every fiber in my being felt like she was moving backwards with her gesture. Then I realized that I visualize [...]

More Interesting, Less Depressing

One of the reasons I can’t seem to get motivated to write more posts on B&E is that the 2012 election — in terms of candidates and coverage — depresses the hell out of me. Bat-shit crazy has become the mainstream. And we’ve got almost another year of this fucking bullshit. Ever since we re-elected [...]

Christmastime MCI to LGA

Someone suggested that perhaps I rename the blog Bald & Sporadic. Since I like B&E as an abbreviation, Bald & Elusive may work better. We’re Christmas celebrators in our family, so Merry Christmas to the B&E readers who also celebrate Jesus/Santa-style. To those who don’t do the Christmas, I offer a general Happy Holidays. And [...]

Weapons Grade Chicken

Yeah, I totally at a lot over Thanksgiving. What of it? The missus and I spent the holiday in Nashville, Tennessee. We’re both good eaters. So in addition to the traditional turkey dinner on Thanksgiving itself, we went on the hunt for some good regional cuisine. Because we’re Yankees, we didn’t even really know what [...]

Um… Um… Oops.

No, I didn’t watch the latest in seemingly thousands of Republican primary debates. I have, however, watched the clip of Rick Perry blanking on the third agency he’d cut from his government. Political media (especially on the left, which is the media I tend to consume) has declared it to be a devastating moment for [...]

What Happens if Mitt Blows It, Too?

We are seeing some serious self-destruction in this Republican primary. To be fair, this isn’t true so much from those candidates that can’t seem to get anything real going from the start. (I’m looking at your utter lack of charisma, Pawlenty; your employment by the Obama administration, Huntsman; your insider has-been status, Gingrich; your lovemaking [...]


By now you’ve probably heard that Steve Jobs’ final words were, “OH WOW OH WOW OH WOW,” according to his sister in the eulogy she gave at his memorial. (You can read the eulogy in the NYTimes, if you have access beyond their firewall.) So was Steve Jobs making a stunning transition to the afterlife? [...]

It Might Be Called Nesting

I’m tired of apologizing to you people! All five of you! I know, I know, I’m not writing much recently. This latest break was more than two weeks, which is frankly difficult even to get my own head around. So what have I been doing? Honestly, not much of anything that I usually consider productive. [...]

A Bit About the Occupation

I’ve yet to go check out the people Occupying Wall Street. Truth be told, I don’t love crowds. Or people. For years, the political left (of which I’m a part, as my four readers (I’ve probably lost a couple due to recent inactivity) well know) has actually annoyed me quite a lot. The establishment party [...]

Movin’ On Up

I’ve lived in my current apartment since May of 2000. That means I’ve lived here longer than any other home in my life. It’s been a good apartment. Which is a surprise, considering that I had no idea how long I’d stay here. I only saw two or three apartments when I decided to move [...]