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I am always bald and sometimes effective.

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  1. Tony Skaggs on said:

    I thought your blog had died, but now I see you just moved to your own url and are blogging away.

    I moved from Sunnyside back to my hometown in Newport KY on July 1. I’m not unhappy in my new environment, but I do miss Sunnyside. That video a few weeks ago of sunset over Manhattan taken from the 40th St station nearly brought a tear to my eye. I miss Rafal in the Superior Supermarket and his Bukharin Jewish family. I miss the wonderful and cheap food at De Mole. I miss Phillip, the Latino guy who works the overnight shift at the big deli on the corner of 42nd St and 43rd Ave. He’s a cat person, like me. I miss the lovely Korean couple who own “Ash n Dr” laundry at 44th and 43rd Ave, who washed my clothes and folded them so neatly every week for me. Then there’s the sweet Italian guys who run the pizzeria at 40th and Queens Blvd – great pizza! I even miss the grumpy family that never smiles (ever!) at the 99 Cent Treat. I miss the damned DIVERSITY – so many people of so many backgrounds and they do seem to get along – it can be done! God Sunnyside is blessed! It’s a special place, but sadly I couldn’t afford it anymore. I live in a house with a yard for $350 a month in KY — I paid $1250 in Sunnyside for a very, very humble apartment. Anyway, I’ll continue to be one of your 6 readers until you disappear into the anonymity of the web ;-) all the best, Tony

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