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Let Lawrence Vote

I’m not going to pretend that voter ID laws are anything other than an attempt to suppress the vote and steal the election. But there’s an argument I never hear voting rights advocates make when they debate the voter-suppressing Dickheads.

Lawrence is one of our local neighborhood panhandlers. I occasionally give him the loose change in my pocket. The missus gives him bills. I honestly think that he stays on or very near our block because he knows the missus can be counted on. I’m also pretty sure that he’s actually the biggest recipient of our charity donations.

I’m going to make some assumptions about Lawrence now. Let’s assume, for example, that he doesn’t have a home. Let’s assume he doesn’t have a driver’s license or other form of ID. Let’s assume that the majority of his income goes to getting some goddamned food (and I’ve seen him in our local butcher getting a sandwich when he’s got the cash).

As far as I’m concerned, and assuming that Lawrence agrees, he’s a member of the Sunnyside, Queens community. So his City Councilman is Jimmy Van Bramer. His State Assemblywoman is Catherine Nolan. His State Senator is Mike Gianaris. His Governor is Andrew Cuomo. His Representative to Congress is either Carolyn Maloney or Joseph Crowley, depending on which side of the street he’s standing. His US Senators are Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. And his President and Vice President are Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

I’m also going to assume that Lawrence doesn’t participate in the election process. Maybe that isn’t fair of me, but again, I’m leaping to some conclusions about Lawrence this morning.

This point is that Lawrence is a fucking American, and he has as much a right to vote for or against any of these people as I do. No lack of home or ID should stand in his way. Lawrence is American. He can vote. And fuck anyone who tries to stop him.

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  1. You’re so sexy when you get like this.

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