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It’s Like the Dean Scream

I can’t help but consume too much media during election seasons, and it’s really not good for my health. But with Obama extending a minor lead in the polls, political media types are wondering just how devastating that 47%-of-the-country-are-victims comment was from Romney. Some put more significance to it than others.

I don’t know that this will be the event that hands Obama the election (and I still think it’s pretty likely to be stolen on election day — thank YOU, voter ID laws!), but it does remind me of a certain Democratic primary back in early 2004.

Howard Dean (who I supported) got third place in Iowa caucuses and then made the infamous Dean Scream in his concession/let’s-kick-some-ass speech. That moment hurt Dean because even people who liked him weren’t sure he had the discipline to be President. His passion sometimes made him look just on the sane side of unhinged.

So when he let that “YAR!” go flying in his speech (and especially when it got played over and over and over again in the news), our deepest concerns were confirmed.

This, I suspect, is the real problem with Romney’s comments. He just seems like an asshole who’s only tolerating us because he has to. His 47% comments confirm it.

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