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Snakeheads — Now for Dinner!

I know I’m not as active on the B&E site as I used to be, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking out for you, my five faithful readers. Especially where the snakehead is concerned…

But after years of fearing snakeheads — the walking, biting, air-breathing, blood-thirsty “fish” — I finally have some promising news to report. Fancy-pants restaurant Gramercy Tavern, here in NYC, doesn’t care that the snakehead is covered in mucus. It has figured out the best way to deal with the snakehead: Eat them before they eat you.

So perhaps someday we’ll have to worry that Gramercy Tavern has created a demand for these bastards, but in the meantime, I say, “Fuck you, snakehead. Looks like you’ve got a predator, after all.”

3 comments on “Snakeheads — Now for Dinner!

  1. This is something I never needed to know anything about ever.

  2. I can’t think about this type of thing, if I ever want to leave my house.

  3. however, they are indeed bald and effective…

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