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My Brain is Counterclockwise

The other day, a colleague made a forward-moving gesture to complement what she was saying about the year progressing.

Even though her hand moved from left-to-right (that’s the direction in which we read, B&E readers), every fiber in my being felt like she was moving backwards with her gesture.

Then I realized that I visualize the year as a circle. January and December straddle the top of the circle, and the year progresses counterclockwise. My birthday, in May, lies on the bottom left-hand part of the circle, as the year progresses through me an onward around the circle away from me back counterclockwise toward the top of the circle again.

And yes, through me, so the circle is also sort of three-dimensional. Warm months near me, cold months away from me.

In this meeting, then, I asked, to much confusion, if anyone else imagines the year as a counterclockwise circle. I’m sure you’ll be surprised that no one did.

But it goes back to my preschool in North Carolina. We sat in a circle in the order of our birthdays. The teachers stood at the top of the circle. And we had a months-of-the-year song, during which you would stand up when it got to your month. The circle moved counterclockwise around the room.

And today I still imagine the year progressing in that same counterclockwise circle.

This random bit of nonsense is just for you, my three faithful B&E readers. You’re welcome.

3 comments on “My Brain is Counterclockwise

  1. Actually that is very interesting, and to me speaks to how our early childhood experiences can have such a huge impact on us. But I am an early childhood development nerd, so this type of shit fascinates me.

  2. the missus on said:

    It’s amazing how little we actually talk!

  3. Christine on said:

    The ever-fascinating, intriguing and mystifying brain of Mr. B&E…

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