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More Interesting, Less Depressing

One of the reasons I can’t seem to get motivated to write more posts on B&E is that the 2012 election — in terms of candidates and coverage — depresses the hell out of me. Bat-shit crazy has become the mainstream. And we’ve got almost another year of this fucking bullshit. Ever since we re-elected Bush (or elected him for the first time, depending on how you look at it), I will not overestimate my fellow citizens again.

So Mitt, Santorum, Newt, Ayn Rand… They all freak me out.

A story like this, then, seems downright fun to me. The short of it is that David Cameron, current Tory Prime Minister of the UK, seems to want to give Alex Salmond, current Scottish Nationalist Party First Minister of Scotland, a fully binding opportunity for Scotland to declare full independence from the UK.

Naturally, there are catches. The first is that Cameron wants there to be only two options on the ballot: full independence or the status quo. Salmond would like there to be a third option that is devolution that stops just sort of full independence, an option currently very popular with the Scottish people.

More significant, perhaps, is that Cameron is demanding that if the outcome is fulling binding, it must be held in the next 18 months, at least a year earlier than Salmond would like. Right now, almost a third of Scots want full independence. But that number is growing. Salmond is hoping that by 2014 he’ll have a majority on that. Cameron doesn’t want to give him that time.

But it’s the first time that the UK Prime Minister has agreed to a fully binding resolution. So now Salmond has to figure out his options.

I’m rather a fan of the idea of Scottish independence. Part of it is that I don’t really understand how the countries are connected in the first place, so sure, why not be independent? Also, I’m American, so it’s not like I’d get a say in the matter. But the missus and her family are all Scottish Nationalists and have been wanting independence for, well, centuries, probably.

A month or so ago, this article appeared, revealing some of Scotland’s post-independence plans. In short: Strong ties with Scandinavia.

I tell you what, B&E readers. It makes for interesting (and not just a little exciting) reading. Way better than all of this fucking bullshit surrounding the Republican presidential primary. It pains me that one of these Dickheads could actually become the next POTUS.

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