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The Steamy Blue

Remember when our stock market crashed back in 2008 (as opposed to the way it’s crashing right now)? Well, perhaps you also remember, that crash actually caused the financial collapse of the Icelandic republic.

So now, if you fly to Europe via Icelandair, they quite helpfully (to you and to them) give you a “free stopover” in Iceland. We saved nearly $200 per ticket flying Icelandair, which we (exactly according to their plan) turned around and spent right there in Iceland.

On the way to Europe, we didn’t even stay overnight. We just arrived first thing in the morning, took a bus to the Blue Lagoon, spent a few hours lounging in the geothermal power plant runoff, took a bus to Reykjavik, walked around town (see Icelandic Slut Walk), ate a couple of meals, and grabbed a bus back to the airport in time for our second overnight flight, which landed us (sleep-deprived) in Paris.

Yes, the Blue Lagoon is worth a visit. Although, admittedly, it didn’t quite match up to my expectations — partially because it wasn’t as hot as I’d hoped (some currents were very hot) and partially because it got really crowded quickly.

But my expectations were probably particularly high because, when we arrived to the Blue Lagoon, it hadn’t yet opened. And it looked downright magical in the morning sun.

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