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I’m Sorry, the WHAT Free Church?

I was a backseat navigator while on the isle of Orkney, off the northern coast of mainland Scotland, doing a fairly lousy job following the map, thanks to frequent distractions by the beauty outside during the drive.

You’ll see a lot of churches called “Free Church” in Scotland. It’s another name for the Church of Scotland, a.k.a. Presbyterian Church. But I did a double-take when I could’ve sworn that an old church we passed in the middle of mainland Orkney was called Twatt Free Church. I quickly buried my head in the map. And although I didn’t get a proper photo of the church itself, I did confirm that my eyes did not deceive me.

It is sometimes also called The Church of the Sausage.

Zang! Zzp-POW! Wocka-wocka-wocka!

One comment on “I’m Sorry, the WHAT Free Church?

  1. Carrie on said:

    I once spent a whole afternoon on the Dingle Peninsula trying to find a jar of berry jam.

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