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Archive of entries posted on August 2011

Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik

I don’t think I’ve really explained the past month or so on B&E. The short of it is that the missus and I spent a month with her family, mostly in Scotland, with a week in France as well. Because I have a great job, great colleagues, and a great supervisor, I was able to [...]

Waiting and Washing for Irene

Like so many New Yorkers, the missus and I are preparing for this Hurricane Irene lady that’s about 12 hours from pissing down on the city we call home. Apparently, for most of us, that means a trip to the laundromat. Holy CRAP is that place packed!

Scottish Health and Food

While at the Scottish Museum in Edinburgh, I was rather surprised to see a sign like this one in what is otherwise a rather say-it-loud-I’m-Scots-and-I’m-proud museum: And frankly, I find that very difficult to believe. I mean, just because I ate an Orkney steak, topped with local haggis and puff pastry lattice, and doused in [...]

The Steamy Blue

Remember when our stock market crashed back in 2008 (as opposed to the way it’s crashing right now)? Well, perhaps you also remember, that crash actually caused the financial collapse of the Icelandic republic. So now, if you fly to Europe via Icelandair, they quite helpfully (to you and to them) give you a “free [...]

I’m Sorry, the WHAT Free Church?

I was a backseat navigator while on the isle of Orkney, off the northern coast of mainland Scotland, doing a fairly lousy job following the map, thanks to frequent distractions by the beauty outside during the drive. You’ll see a lot of churches called “Free Church” in Scotland. It’s another name for the Church of [...]

I Don’t Live Here

It’s appealing, though, isn’t it?

Munch on Glen Coe

Working off-site has its hurdles, but the commute sure can be worth it: