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You Can’t Just Do ANYTHING Now.

Fresh off his same-sex marriage victory, Governor Andrew Cuomo is looking to lift the ban on hydrofracking, the drilling process that shakes the natural gas out of rock.

Fracking, not to be confused with its Battlestar Galactica meaning, is dangerous, harms the environment, may actually cause earthquakes, and poisons the drinking water. The Oscar-nominated film Gasland (which I admit that I haven’t yet seen) takes you through the whole thing, and it probably only didn’t win the Oscar for Best Feature Documentary because Inside Job featured an even more fucked up story about the financial crisis.

Frankly, other than the same-sex marriage thing, Governor Cuomo has left me totally underwhelmed. Conservatives love him for a reason. He has made tons of cuts to social services, eliminated a tax on the super-rich, fought unions as hard as any Republican governor, and now this.

Bask in the glory of your same-sex marriage victory all you want, Governor, but by itself, that one achievement isn’t good enough. Please stop being a Dickhead.

If you want to learn more about hydrofracking in NY (and phone numbers for telling the governor to stop), you can do so at There’s also an online petition if you, like me, don’t much care for the phone.

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