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He’s Losing More than a Championship

Congratulations to Novac Djokovic, who just became this year’s Wimbledon champion, defeating Rafael Nadal, whom all the ladies love.

I was noticing something during the match, as Nadal tucked those gorgeous locks behind his years, as is his wont. Rafa’s hair is thinning. Obviously, a headband can cover a recede, but Rafa’s got the classic bald spot forming up top, the poor, handsome bastard.

I think Rafa probably really could’ve used his Wimbledon winnings to invest in some serious hair implants. As it is, he only has the money for half of them.

It’ll be interesting to see how he handles the balding as he ages. I’d hope he’d go Agassi, but maybe he’ll wear some sort of super-sweat-absorbent hair piece, so that he can continue to attract the ladies (and not just the Steffi Graf types), as he whips those wicked lefty forehands.

Oh, Rafa, you poor, balding bastard. Good luck with that.

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