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Archive of entries posted on July 2011

Icelandic Slut Walk

We had one day in Reykjavik, and we picked a good one: Slut Walk! If you don’t know about the Slut Walks, you can read more about how they all started here, but the short of it is that a policeman, during a lecture to college students in Toronto, told them that women should avoid [...]

One Day in Paris

Two consecutive overnight flights do not make for an ideal day in Paris. With only about three hours of plane sleep over 48 some-odd hours, the missus and I were pretty pissy in the City of Lights. Especially since we couldn’t check into our hotel until 2:00 p.m., a solid seven hours after arriving. Plus, [...]

I Know My Bald Heads

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Rupert Murdoch got a shaving cream pie in the face today while giving his testimony at the inquiry looking into News Corp.’s propensity for phone hacking. This is the image I first saw of the incident… For a screen grab, it’s got some pretty good drama in it. [...]

Dude, Those Lutherans Are Crazy

At this point, I don’t particularly feel the need to pile onto Michelle Bachmann. My seven readers (maybe down to six, now that I’m writing less) probably already have strong opinions on her, mostly negative ones, I assume. Still… I was raised Lutheran. Non-Lutherans probably don’t realize that there is no one Lutheran Church. Lutherans [...]

Happy 4th of July, B&E Readers!

You are the most patriotic and handsome of all of the blog readers on all of the internets. This one’s just for you…

He’s Losing More than a Championship

Congratulations to Novac Djokovic, who just became this year’s Wimbledon champion, defeating Rafael Nadal, whom all the ladies love. I was noticing something during the match, as Nadal tucked those gorgeous locks behind his years, as is his wont. Rafa’s hair is thinning. Obviously, a headband can cover a recede, but Rafa’s got the classic [...]

You Can’t Just Do ANYTHING Now.

Fresh off his same-sex marriage victory, Governor Andrew Cuomo is looking to lift the ban on hydrofracking, the drilling process that shakes the natural gas out of rock. Fracking, not to be confused with its Battlestar Galactica meaning, is dangerous, harms the environment, may actually cause earthquakes, and poisons the drinking water. The Oscar-nominated film [...]