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My Weiner Prediction

Like everyone, I’ve probably seen more than enough of Anthony Weiner’s pectoral muscles, not to mention his bulging boxer briefs.

While Republicans crow that he’s finished and Democrats fecklessly struggle over how best to respond, with most political insiders (whoever they fuck they are) saying that Weiner won’t recover, I have my own prediction:

Anthony Weiner will become Mayor of New York City.

He’s made it clear over the past few years that the Mayor’s office is really where his heart is. So maybe he won’t be elected in 2013, but come on. We’re New Yorkers. We’re a bunch of free-loving, exhibitionist, pinko, immoral, queer abortionists. Sexting, even from a “Member” of Congress, barely makes it onto our radar.

And as time passes, even the general population just won’t give a shit about this. At all.

One comment on “My Weiner Prediction

  1. Carrie on said:

    The title of this post got me pretty excited, and, for the first time ever, I feel let down by B&E.

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