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An Idea for Dickish Performance Art

As you no doubt know by now, New York passed the same-sex marriage law.

For us observers who simply went to our jobs all week with awareness of this bill sort of hovering in the backgrounds of our minds, it felt like a long wait. I thought for a while that they were trying to win way more than the votes necessary (they ended up with just one vote more than necessary), to show a solid bipartisan majority viewpoint to the whole nation.

It didn’t turn out to be solidly bipartisan, although four Republicans joined 29 Democrats to vote in favor of the bill, and New York Republicans, to their credit (I suppose), as the majority party, allowed an “up-or-down” vote on the bill. Apparently, they could have kept it from coming to the floor at all.

And let’s give a special mention to Republican Senator Roy McDonald, who was the second Republican to publicly support the bill, and who was kind enough to give us the funnest quote of the whole thing. In response to the pressure he was getting from the Conservative Party in New York to vote “no” on the bill, he said, “Fuck it. I’m trying to do the right thing here.”

For those of you outside New York, we have “fusion” voting here, which means that one candidate can appear on multiple party lines when you vote. So most Republicans also gun for the Conservative Party endorsement. This allows very conservative voters to vote for a viable candidate, i.e. the Republican, while also showing their support for the Conservative Party.

On the left, we have the Working Families Party, so I’ll usually vote for the Democratic Party candidate on the Working Families line, just to show the Democrats that there’s an active voice to their left.

But the four Republicans who bucked the Conservative viewpoint to vote in favor of gay marriage won’t be getting further Conservative endorsements. This is kind of a big deal locally, and quite risky for them politically. On the other hand, Mayor Mike Bloomberg is the single largest donor to Republican Senators, and he’s been in Albany threatening to take his money away from those Republicans who didn’t vote in favor of same-sex marriage. So the four Republicans who voted in favor of the bill will be getting all the Bloomberg money now. Not insignificant.


Because I sometimes let my mind wander, I had this idea about how “funny” it would be if, after all the drama and negotiating, Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed the bill, just to be a Dickhead. As if he’s not actually a real governor but more of a performance-art instigator.

That’s it. Thank you.

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