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A New Weiner Prediction

I swear I’d started writing this before Titivil beat me to it.

A few days ago I predicted that Anthony Weiner will still become mayor eventually. I don’t necessarily walk away from that prediction.

But I have a new thought about his immediate future: Anthony Weiner will become a pundit. And I think that, despite themselves, Fox News will be the ones who give him a voice.

Whatever Fox News’ political leanings (uh, far-right, for those not paying attention), their first goal is money-making. Anthony Weiner is now infamous enough to get ratings. He’s reliable for a choice quote, fights better than most people on the left, and would make for a good foil for one of those Fox News shows that pretends to bring balance to whatever argument they’re making. Yes, it’s true that this would potentially make Anthony Weiner part of the problem, but he’d sure keep things interesting.

Also, it will keep Anthony Weiner in the public eye in a way that allows people to completely lose interest in his penis (something most of us New Yorkers are already pretty indifferent about), and he can run for office when the next Mayor of New York City is done.

One comment on “A New Weiner Prediction

  1. Carrie on said:

    He should also just go ahead and change his last name to penis.

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