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We Sort of Failed Siena

I accept responsibility that our experience in Siena wasn’t overwhelmingly positive. I love the idea of Siena very much. It has non-religious frescoes. Giant towers that weren’t built by the Catholic Church. I had been very much looking forward to it. It just got off to a bad start.

We thought it was a good idea to go to Siena on market day. Instead, we just couldn’t find parking. When we finally did find a lot, we had to wait in line to get into it. Which explains the photo above.

So three hours later we were finally inside the walls of the city. And then we didn’t really know what to do. We walked around a bit. The missus had overdone the eating and drinking the night before and wasn’t feeling terribly well, so the climb to the top of the tower for a vista view was out. The Campo (where the horse race takes place) is pretty great looking.

The Duomo there is way over the top — both on the outside…

…And on the inside.

It was all very impressive. And we’d heard from several people that Siena was one of their favorite places ever. But it just didn’t quite click for us. Perhaps we were put off by our parking problems. Perhaps we were just in a country frame of mind after three full days at the agritourismo. But after leaving the Duomo, we opted to cancel our dinner reservation and go on a country drive instead toward another dinner reservation.

But first we stopped off at Grom for delicious gelato. We have Grom in NYC, it turns out. Which is good news, except that I really only eat sugar if I’m on holiday.

Either way, I’d like to go back to Siena, which is pretty unlikely, I suppose. I just don’t think we were quite able to give it a fair shake.

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