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Two Sports at Once

When you get photos of politicians participating in any sort of sporting activity, the results are usually quite embarrassing. Exceptions are the oft-mentioned George W. Bush first-pitch strike and the Barack Obama three-pointer during his campaign for President. But they are oft-mentioned because usually it’s more like Barack Obama’s experience bowling in Pennsylvania. Not good.

So during Obama’s tour of the UK, Obama and Prime Minister David “Hug a Hoodie” Cameron were courting disaster yesterday with their impromptu table tennis match at a local high school. Obama didn’t come off looking too bad. But this shot of Cameron, captured by the Guardian newspaper, is a bit of a low point for the PM…

It’s not so much that he clearly missed the shot. It’s that he’s doing it while playing pocket pool with the other hand. Oh, excuse me. It’s the UK. He’s playing pocket billiards.

2 comments on “Two Sports at Once

  1. phil on said:

    Is the PM a Lefty like Obama or is he failing because he is not, and he is doing a Macho right hand in the pocket thing?

  2. Carrie on said:

    A ball in the fist is worth two on the padd-wait a minute…

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