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No Photos!

There are some places they really don’t want you to take pictures of the art. The Accademia in Florence is one of those places. Maybe they want you to buy their postcards of Michelangelo’s David and are afraid you won’t if you’ve taken photos. Maybe they’re afraid that there will just be too much of a logjam in the museum if everyone’s taking photos.

But I tell you what, when you walk into the big room and look down the long hallway lined by unfinished sculptures toward that perfect naked man poised to slingshot a stone between the eyes of Goliath, well, one really wants to get a picture. I hadn’t yet seen the signs when I took this photo:

The photo doesn’t particularly seem like anything special, until you realize that the woman wearing the badge in the foreground is looking directly into my camera in mid shout: “No photos!”

God, I love this photo.

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